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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 16, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> brian: kilmeade and, you can listen on lynn life. >> gretchen: bristol palin will join us for the after the show show. log on for our after the show show right now. >> peter: see you tomorrow, folks. economy, here's the weekly drum beat on jobs in america, 450,000 americans filing for first time unemployment benefits last week, that's down just a notch, down about 3000 from a week earlier, still not nearly enough to ease concerns on the economy. much more on that as we get rolling right now here in "america's newsroom". there are new cracks showing in the democratic ranks ahead of the midterm elections over the hot issue of the bush tax cuts expiring. this is picking up by the day. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, live in "america's newsroom". how you doing, martha. martha: hi everybody, i'm
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martha maccallum. president obama facing growing opposition from members of his own party. this is the hot issue of the day, folks, over raising taxes on the highest earners in this country. now, some democrats, asking if that move, if raising it for the wealthy, could cause more harm than good. listen to this: >> so raising anyone's taxes at this moment in time in this weak economy doesn't make economic sense. bill: that's evan bayh out of indiana. that's one of many voices that trickle out during the day. is this economics, politics? around the corp it could be about both. the white house put a statement just moments ago, so we're going to pick up on that in a moment. first, juan williams, national public radio and fox news contributor, live in oklahoma city. good morning to you juan. >> good morning, bill. bill: what are democrats going to do on this? you've got about seven weeks before a vote. what move do they make, if
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any? >> well, right now, i think the white house feels they've got good the first time in a long time republicans on the defensive they feel that, in fact f. they can put republicans in a box where republicans are tries -- republicans are trying to protect the idea that the rich should get this tax break as is tpaeufd by most americans but are willing to deny 95 percent americans that tax break, that ultimately it will cost republicans at the polls. bill: that's an interesting analysis because i'm looking at a poll from the associated press, the a.p., that says almost half the country opposes tax increases for the richest americans. >> right. bill: i'm looking at the comment from joe manchin, a popular governor out of west virginia, he wants to be a democratic senator, just yesterday, he came out and said tax cuts should be held in place. he joins people like joe lieberman, ben nelson of nebraska, bill nelson of florida, jim webb of virginia, all these are moderate democrats. how do you buck that trend
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when these people are drib ling out by the day? >> you're exactly right, bill. if the conservative -- the conservative democrats are worried, they understand that what's been driving this conversation for the longest time has been that the white house has not been paying sufficient attention to the economy, that the unemployment numbers remain high, and that most americans are pessimistic about what the future holds, and this is everything from the tax hike to the decifit. but for the moment, what we saw last week was the president going on the offensive and saying where are the ideas, where is the help coming from with republicans and the white house has forced congressman boehner to say he would agree to tax cuts even if it meant the tax cuts for the rich weren't coming through. that as you know sparked a debate with mitch mcconnell, republican leader in the senate, saying that boehner had really stepped out too quickly. that's what the white house wants, they want the internal division among republicans on this tax issue. bill: there doesn't seem to
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be that much of a division on the republican side. just want to go back to your point. you said republicans are in a box. how is that possible, when 32 house democrats, i just mentioned all the democrats on the senate side are against this, 32 house democrats signed a letter yesterday saying don't do it. this is what i hear from the hill. the house is not going to make a move until they know what the senate is going to do. remember the last time they were burned on cap and trade? they don't want to go down that road again and they don't want to overpromise in the event they have to take it back. don't oversell it in case you have to reach back. >> right. but what they are -- the belief is in the white house right now, bill, i can tell you this, as a matter of gospel right now, is that they believe that if they're saying 95 percent of the american people, we're giving you a tax cut, we're extending the bush tax cuts for you, but we are conscious of the decifit and we don't believe it's stimulative to give the additional tax cuts to the
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richest americans, they believe that's a winner in political terms going towards the fall election. and remember, the democrats know they're going to lose seats. those conservative democrats that you're talking about are on the ropes, they're getting beat up. the democrats in the white house right now, basically have to do triage, they have to say listen, there are some people that aren't going to come through this, but we believe for most democrats now, the message is we care about jobs, we're helping to cut taxes for most americans and it's the americans being the obstructionist, the party of no, that would stop most small businesses and most americans from getting a tax cut. that's why what you see that, what you describe as a small division, between boehner and mcconnell. >> bill: boehner was asked a question if that was the only option he had and he said if that's the only option i have. but listen, i've got to run. appreciate the hustle on your end. the politics of tuesday and the voter enthusiasm and the
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turnout we saw in seven different primaries, that has to be part of the calculous now and martha has more on that. thank you juan. here's martha. martha: a new associated press poll, showing less than half of all americans don't want to stoke the rich, so called, with higher taxes. look at the nous, they point to the possible risk for congressional democrats who are backing the president's plan of increasing taxes for only the rich and not for the middle class. take a look. fox news business network stuart varney joins us on this, it expires for everyone at 15 percent, stuart. talk to us about what this means for everybody. a couple of months back we heard you talking about this, look, come january 1st, the world is going to change for everybody, your taxes are going to go up. how will it break down? >> okay. right now, we already tax the rich more than we taxed them before. they are already very heavily taxed. i'll give you one brief
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statistic to show the point. the top .1% of all income earners, that's one in 1000, they already pay 20 percent of all the money that comes into the federal treasury. one in 1000 pays one in $5. that's extraordinary. we tax the rich heavily. the proposal by the president and some democrats is tax them some more come january 1st. if we did that, we take an extra $700 billion off the top earners in the next ten years. $700 billion, taken off the rich. here's the question, which is faced by everybody: would that create more jobs. now, half of all income that goes to small businesses would face a tax increase on january 1st. would that create jobs. these are the questions. bottom line is, we already tax the rich extremely heavily. the obama proposal is to tax them some more come
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january 1st. martha: the number is like 44, 45 percent of americans, according to this poll, think that nobody should have their taxes raised because of the current economic climate. they're not saying that because they feel bad for rich people, and you know, as we all know, that is typically a winning proposition. nobody seems to care if that top 1 percent or that top 1/10 of 1 percent, as you pointed out, pays a little more, but the question that you're drilling down on here and it's a great one is whether or not, what's the exchange for that $700 billion. does it turn into even more than that in jobs and money spent by these folks. >> there are two points to be made here. first of all, economic performance. if you take an extra $700 billion off the rich, does it work, does it get the economy stimulated, does it create jobs. there's an argument about that one. but martha, i raise a moral question: do we want to take more than half of the income of anybody? america? we are doing that right now. that is a moral question.
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what is america all about? big questions, and their going to have to be settled before january 1st, because on that day, everybody who pays taxes will have their rates go up without a vote in congress. martha: that's a very good point. stuart varney, thank you very much. see you soon. bill: economy is issue number one. here's another issue for you, new jersey chris christie taking aim at what he calls fairy tale promises of a sweeping plan that suspends future cost of living adjustments for pensions in state workers and nicks a 9 percent benefit increase approved back in 2001, raising the retirement age and asking state workers and teachers to pitch in for more benefits. here's the governor: >> we are teterring towards insolvency if we don't deal with these long term obligations that the state has. i know that there are some public workers who aren't happy about it today but what i tell all of them is you may not like this today
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but ten years from now when you have a pension to collect and health benefits to collect you're going to be looking for my address to send me a thank you note. bill: great for a sound bite, isn't he? i guarantee you 49 other governors in this country, watching to see how chris christie does and does not do in trying to take down the largest teachers union, not take it down but adjust it, saying it will hurt thousands of working families, that's what the teachers union says, $46 billion in underfunded pension costs, a number that could double in the next 15 years, and at some point you're going to have to go out and find that money in new jersey. ten minutes past the hour. martha: well, breaking a record without breaking the bank. the republican candidate for governor of our biggest state, setting a personal spending record. have you heard about this? meg whitman has already shelled out $119 million of her own money to become chief executive officer of
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california, so to speak. the former ebay ceo, she really started that company from the ground up and it made her a billionaire, is set to surpass another record in this situation. whitman outspending new york city's may -- mayor, another very wealthy man who helped his own campaign, he spent $109 million of his health during his successful bid for a third term. bill: she is turning heads for the senate primary victory over the establishment backed republican and now christine o'donnell is firing back, to the criticism in her own party saying she cannot win come november. some of the comments are aimed at karl rove. karl rove is here today to respond in person. martha: former new york governor george pataki behind a new campaign ad that targets democrats who supported the government's health care overhaul, the governor's -- former governor's message, and then there's this: >> you are a crook
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yesterday, you are a crook today and will be a crook tomorrow. >> you all need to go to jail so we don't have to pay you back one penny. bill: that was july and this is september and we all remember the outrage from folks from that tiny town in california. they are now getting a bit of revenge. the paybacks. and the refunds. the latest, in a moment, here.
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>> this is why myself and all the police chiefs of this county have said we need armed soldiers not just here in panell county but on the border, where shall should be stopped. they shouldn't be coming into our county in the first place. that's what we're asking for, we're repeating our call. bill: the sheriff from arizona, begging for help, with new threats along the border, illegalling living in caves like these and authorities finding one suspected of being a spot for smugglers and possibly
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more. that sheriff is with us now. welcome back to "america's newsroom". the circumstances of this case, what did you find, where was it, what happened? >> well, this cave is literally less than a mile from a lot of these homes. i had three families that had the courage yesterday to stand up publicly and to say that they don't feel safe in their homes, on their land, and that they are americans, yet they don't feel free in america, and that just breaks my heart to hear, but more importantly, that this was an illegal immigrant, somebody who was a spotter for a drug cartel from mexico, 70 miles north of the border, and we have spotters like this, scouts, on this many of our hilltops in pinal county, and we then removed. this is outrageous that this is happening literally 35 miles outside the fifth largest city in america, in our -- and our president is doing nothing about it to remove these.
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these criminals. bill: so you found one cave or more than one, sheriff? >> there are two caves in this area and these people, just to give you a sense, they have -- one of these ranchers has a 360-acre ranch, was flying over, and actually spotted these guys in a cave, and so all the neighbors talked amongst themselves for three days, and they debated whether they were going to call me as a sheriff because they were afraid of retaliation from these drug cartels, and then they called us and we immediately dispatched deputies, we worked with the local border patrol and ice locally and went in there and afhelpedded one of them when there were several of them when they initially saw them. bill: you took out the caves and that's been taken care of, based on the explanation, but you said the white house is to blame for that. now -- >> absolutely. bill: a lot of people on the outside will consider this a local crime issue and use the sheriff in that county,
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go ahead and manage it yourself. what's the problem with that argument? >> here we have 250,000 illegals have have been apprehended last year alone, the border patrol admits to another 400,000 that came through and they don't know who they are, where they came from, or where they're going. that's the problem that the border is unsecured in that the response from me and my police chief in pinal county, when we've asked for these armed soldiers, the president sent us 15 billboard-sized signs in english, not in spanish, not facing south to mexico saying stay out, facing north, a warning to our citizens, danger, warning, travel not recommended, drug and human smug listening. this is unacceptable, to have signs like this in america, warning our citizens that certain parts of our country are not safe to go in. bill: and you've -- >> the signs should be taken out. bill: you've made the appeal repeatedly everywhere, not
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just here, an you're knoll getting any answers. you've got a couple hundred in the state of adds, i know you're not satisfied with that. i have ten seconds left, but how do you make your appeal yet again to yet heard? >> well, i've gone out there myself on patrol with s. w. a.t. teams. we need these soldiers, and there needs to be a correction in america to put people into elective office that will stand up, not just for the rule of law, but for arizona and for america. the greatest threat to our national security is right here in arizona. bill: sheriff, thank you for coming on. today is a story that got our attention and we'll see what happens next. sheriff, thank you, out of pinal county. martha. martha: when the cops want to pull you over, please pull over. we want to show you how this unbelievable chase ends. plus, -- >> my booty shakes from left to right. bill: she was booted from objecting to a controversial cheer. is it controversial? the six-year-old kicked off
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the squad, and her mother now speaking out. you can decide in minutes.
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bill: running from the law, actually driving from the law, that's what it is, a woman suspected of robbery at a california mall, making out like a jay bird. remember that line, the old song from convoy, ain't she beautiful, convoy? weaving in and out of traffic she goes, it does not end there. guns are drawn. surround thank car. she refuses to get out. finally after a bit of coaxing, she gives in and sur enders and she's cuffed an on the way. martha: same story again. bill: california. martha: to the u.k. now, pope benedict xvi beginning
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his visit to great britain, queen elizabeth welcoming the pontiff at the majesty's castle in scotland, but this comes with controversy and protest. greg burke is traveling with the pope and is in edinboro. talk to us about the controversy here. >> reporter: martha, there's a fear that the sex abuse crisis will overshadow the pope's trip and that sort of happened on this one already because of what the pope said on the plane but that's -- he talked about the crisis and basically said the bishops had dropped the ball on the abuse crisis, church authorities failed to act quickly and decisively with regard to it. with the queen, however, what the spoke about -- pope spoke about, about the dangers of secularism and what happened in a sows atoo society that tries to exclude religion, tries to keep god out of it, he referred to what he called an aggressive secularism and that's a message not only
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for here in the u.k. but probably his message for much of europe, martha. martha: greg, talk to me about the activities and the schedule, i guess, for today. there's somebody sort of special who's going to be singing for the pope, right? >> that's right. and in a few hours, he'll say mass in glasgow, we're headed there now and the scottish singing sensation susan boyle will be singing for the pope. she says it's a life long dream and she's pretty excited about it. >> it's something i've always wanted to do. and i finally get my chance. >> what are you actually singing? >> well, one of the ones is i dream a dream. >> i thought it would be! >> >> ♪ >> ♪ when i was young and unafraid. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ martha: pretty nice, right? greg, let's get back to the
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protestors for a moment. they were expected. how big are they right now? >> so far, they've been pretty small. what you've seen is a few people, note to the pope posters, and t-shirts and some posters saying quit protecting pedophile priests, that kind of thing, but up until now they've been pretty happy crowds in scotland and protests really quite small. that could change a little bit as the pope does go to london. he actually arrives there tonight, and so perhaps on friday, saturday, we may be seeing something bigger. but people don't expect to get over a couple thousand people, martha. martha: wonder what henry vii. would think about that. bill: if walls could talk, right? cool picture, though, huh? the pope and the queen, side by side? in a moment here, there's a new twist in the war of words, bubbling between republicans and the tea party. could this hurt republicans come election time? karl rove has made headlines in 36 hours, hasn't he?
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he is back to react, and karl rove is on deck in minutes here martha. martha: we'll talk to him in a minute. and will cough medicine be on the shelves the next time you go to the pharmacy? the fda has just ruled on that controversial proposal that we sent new "america's newsroom". go to and see what the top stories are this hour. i always like to do that. we'll be right back.
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bill: 9:30 in new york, some of the top stories, court date for the fort hood shooting suspect, he is major nidal hasan, he is expected to be there. what's at stake, whether the media and victims' families will be allowed to hear the testimony. watch that story out of texas. california's arnold schwarzenegger back in the country, gets a firsthand look at the devastation in san bruno, california, meeting with victims and praising emergency workers for the quick response there in northern california. 9:31. here's martha. martha: here is a story that is still heating up discourse between the tea party and gop establishment, the rnc and senate republican campaign committee, once reluctant now backing christine o'donnell from delaware, but there's one person she's still working on and that's karl rove: >> i want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but when all this settles, he will reach for the greater good and do what is best for
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the greater good and help us win. martha: all right, karl rove the senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and is a fox news contributor. karl, welcome. >> i don't like being called the establishment. i supported marco rubio and todd teahart and a lot of the -- sarah palin on tuesday night, i added new hampshire. before you start calling me that establishment guy be, be careful. martha: you know what, karl, that's one of the points i wanted to bring up, including rubio, sharron angle, i think you've also supported. >> i'm helping raise $50 million, 3 million of which we've already spent on behalf of sharron angle in nevada so be careful when you call me an establishment republican. >> i didn't call you that. that's the way this battle line has been drawn, tea party versus establishment. so you raise a question i want to ask you. are we at a stage in all of this where if you're not particularly in favor of one
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candidate and have reasons to back that up that suddenly you don't like the whole tea party? >> look, i'm a huge tea party fan, i've enjoyed meeting with people as i go around the country, i've got a great many friends who i've made during the bor tour and leaders in the tea party movement. in fact, i met christine o'donnell when i was in delaware last december to do the suf ox county christmas day, gop christmas day party and one of the interesting parts, i got to meet with about 12 tea party leaders from delaware and had a wonderful conversation. this has given us energy, enthusal and in many instances highly qualified candidates who are going to be able to take the fight to the democrats this fall. martha: will you do what she asks on greta, help her win? >> look, here's my advice. she needs to do two things: if the seven weeks remaining, she needs to make a passionate, articulate, incredible, aggressive case about why obama is bad on spending deaf dits, debt and health care and needs on be able to answer questions
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about her personal background, explain how she got behind on taxes, mortgage, why she didn't take care of that college bill and be frank and honest. look, everybody in their life sometimes has difficulties and honesty and candor is going to be the best remedy. she can't get away with saying my answer is on my website or it's puzzling to me why the irs would file a lien for me when i didn't pay my tax necessary 2005. she's got to be more honest and if she does, she's got a shot to win but it's got to be passionate and factual and hard hit. brad: i don't have to tell you that a lot of folks have been screaming, yelling, saying that your comments and not backing her could cost the majority in the senate. >> martha -- >> martha: to be sure they get that majority in the senate and they're afraid that -- >> martha, my job as a fox analyst is to give the best insight. she's 11 points behind in the "rasmussen poll" behind the democrat nominee coons. so my job as a fox analyst is to call it as i see them. my job is not to be a cheer
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leader for every republican. it's to call them as i see them. now, i've got a different role outside my fox role and that's where i'm helping raise $50 million to help republicans in the senate but when i come on fox you and your viewers expect me to shoot straight with you and that's what i was doing that night. with all due respect, she's 11 points behind. that's not out of a game. she's got to make up ground and make up ground quick in the days ahead. martha: if she does that to your satisfaction, would it be a verbal endorsement? >> look, i endorsed her the other night, i'm for the republicans in each and every case. i was one of the first to do it. look, i'm also helping her. so many people have written me an e-mail saying i'm irritated with you, saying what you said the other night, i've gyp her a campaign contribution, i'm sending her an internet contribution. fox had one thing wrong on election night. we mistakenly said the republican senatorial committee said they weren't going to send her my money. i called rob jezma the
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morning after and said why the heck did you say that, he said we never said that, we're cut ago check, $42,000, and we're raising money from the packets, and campaign funds and republican senators, including cornyn and mcconnell to send her additional cash immediately. we got it wrong and it created dissatisfaction in the land because we got our facts wrong. martha: karl, good to hear from you on all of that. i want to ask you one other political question in your role as political analyst here and i want to talk about the bush tax cuts. there are i think 30 democrats who now say that everybody should continue to have their taxes at the same level that, their taxes should not go up. the president is in a very tough position here as democrats increasingly add their name to that list and as americans continue to voice their concerns about raising those. what kind of position does this leave the president in? >> well, i wrote a piece this morning in the "wall street journal," which i said i was mystified he brought this issue up.
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he had no -- >> [inaudible] >> -- 32 democrats this morning in the house who said we think the bush tax cuts ought to be extended. he has a bunch of senators -- he doesn't have 60 votes to bring up a potential and he has no proposal he's laid out there. remember, the president has said he wants any tax cuts paid for, so to speak, by tax increases. so the cost of extending the bush tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 a year is $3 trillion over the next decade, and what -- he's not laid out where $3 trillion worth of tax increases are going to come. if it's the rates only, it's a trillion, three, and even then he hasn't laid out where he's going to offset the so-called tax cuts by raising somebody else's taxes. martha: good to talk to you as always. i see your name in so many headlines, then i saw one that you're turning into a hurricane and about to hit mexico. i think had better calm down out there! >> i'm honored that a tropical storm has been
9:38 am
named after me but i'm waiting for the martha tropical storm. >> we almost never get to the ms. so disappointing. karl, good to see you as always. thank you, sir. bill: wow, so every time he has an appearance, he's getting reaction from this. martha: yes. bill: you wonder what the headlines do. martha: he makes a good point. a lot of fundraising. bill: or even the possibility of increased turnout. mitch mcconnell said the enthusiasm and the turnout based on what they saw on tuesday blows him away and you have to think about tiny, little delaware, right? no offense against tiny states, but delaware, their turnouts in this primary, from the previous primary two years prior, was up 100 percent. martha: you also have to think about -- >> bill: it shows how tuned in people are. martha: absolutely. bill: with what's happening in america today. martha: and it was down 17 percent at one point, she's down 11 percent now in that state, so the double digit percentage swing we've learned to treat as, you know, sort of dyed in the
9:39 am
wool early results are not so anymore. so it's going to be quite interesting. bill: that's why we watch, and that's why we wait, and that's why we vote. there's outrage in bell, california after taxpayers found out they are funding the paycheck to the country, huh? take that, bell. one official taking nearly twice president obama's salary. we'll tell you who is suing the city leaders to get the phone back, and there is movement on that story. developments in a moment, martha. martha: the former governor of new york is doing something interesting. he is leading a charge against democrats who voted for the president's health care law. we're going to ask governor george pataki who he's up to and what about this plan. bill: we'd like to hear from you. do you think the health care law will make things better or worse for most americans? that's our poll online, log on to our website,'s -- "america's newsroom", better or worse. it's on, during the commercial break. back in a moment.
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martha: a followup to the fed's toying with the idea of requiring people to get a prescription to get cough medicine, of all things, in the end, the panel decided that was not necessary, and that means those medicines will stay on our store shelves, but when taken in very high doses, some cough medicines can cause hallucinations, making it a popular drug of choice for teenagers. the panel did not believe that it is a big enough problem to warrant such tough restrictions, but boy, parents beware of that and keep those cough medicines in your eyesight. bill: new developments over raging controversy over 6-figure sal hes -- salaries for a small town of bell, california. it started early in the summer, it continues now. they are not happy with local leaders paying themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars. in fact the former city manager made about 800 grand. when you compare that with added benefits and fees, it's more than $1 million.
9:44 am
california attorney general jerry brown is now suing. there's the president's salary, of $400,000. jerry brown is now suing to get that money back. >> this is a very serious matter when public officials breach their duty to the public and enrich themselves with enormous and obscene salaries which then trigger pensions of similar magnitude. but what is clear is that the city council, the city administrator, and other officials abuse their public trust, they engaged in collaboration which constitutes a civil conspiracy that defrauded the public and enriched themselves. bill bell now they're getting some of that money back, in fact, $2.9 million as of now. there could be more. an attorney with the american center for law and justice, good morning to you. jerry brown is running for governor against meg
9:45 am
whitman. whitman is saying there's a little politics in this, but brown has a point. already, getting $3 million back and there could be more. how do you see it? >> listen, what happened here is horrendous and i don't think meg whitman is trying to say that. what she is doing was pointing out this was happening not to the sail extent but similar in oakland. in fact, jerry brown's oakland faced themselves before a court, they find themselves before a court in a civil situation, and what's that about? that is about the fact that he raised salaries, over $200,000, 700 percent. so you see that going on as well. but these are real charges. listen, bill, l.a. district attorney, he's looking at filing criminal fraud charges as well. so i think the people of bell will get justice and the people of california will see these city administrators can't get away with this. bill: you know what i think will turn the stomachs of a lot of people not just in california but across the country, what part of this lawsuit will allege, apparently, is they have letters or e-mail contacts
9:46 am
that show people inside the government trying to craft paychecks in a way so that no one can figure out how much money you make. that's insidious. >> that's the fraud right there. fraud is about intent to deceive. misapprehension, and that's the fraud, showing that they were planning on doing this together. there's fraud, there's conspiracy and the fiduciary duty at city officials like this, city manager, city council members, just for people to know, bill, the average council member in the same town would make $4800 a year for their part-time service. here they were making $100,000 a year. the city manager's pension was over $600,000 a year for the rest of his life. but when we look at the fiduciary duty, we say you have to do what's in the best interest of who you're representing and those officials are representing the people of pel who -- bell who have low incomes and one in six are in poverty. bill: it's a blue collar town.
9:47 am
most people in that role make $4800 a year? >> $4800 a year for a similar site. this is a small town, 36,000 people wa below average income of $40,000 a year, one in six, let me say again, are in poverty and their job as city manager social security to do the best thing economically for the people they represent. raising their property taxes to pay for their pensions, there may be politics going on here but i thinkure going to see the district attorney in l.a. file those criminal fraud challenge, the department of justice is looking at it, the fbi has been involved here, and jerry brown, it may be playing a little politics but i think he's doing the right thing for the people in bell. bill: and you know, you hope in the end that everybody is trying to do good. i think it shines a light and it's making a lot of people ask questions, whether it's in bell, california, or somewhere else. one final point here, the lieutenant governor of california was on our program yesterday, he indicated on two different times during our interview that there could be more money returned after they
9:48 am
find more, what he called, illegal taxes. where else is this story going? >> i think where you're going to see this story going is these massive pensions. as you said before, these e-mails going back and forth. what we know is the listed salary of the city manager was $700,000, in the benefits found out so far, it's over a million dollars a year, 600, $700,000 a year pension. it doesn't stop with him. you have the police chief of a 36,000 person town making more than the l.a. -- the police chief for l.a.? this is -- so you're going to see i think a lot more deals going on probably with other officials, maybe the mayor's office, who's also part of this lawsuit as well. bill: the lawsuits are out there now. thank you for breaking it down, jordan. good to see you. back to bell, california, when there are developments. martha. martha: you've got sharron angle, joe miller, now christine o'donnell, the wave of tea party-backed candidates speaking out in many -- kicking out in many cases the establishment
9:49 am
candidate. we're going to talk to the head of the tea party group, a leader, there are several of them out there. that's coming up. bill: wonder how they're feeling today. turning to pom poms, a six-year-old kicked off a squad after a mother complained that a cheer is a bit too racy. we'll tell you what they were chanting and you can decide whether or not did the cheer go too far, in a moment.
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
bill: quick check of stocks right now on wall street, up about 28 -- off 28, 29 points, the dow reacting to the jobs number, maybe reacting to all the talk about tax cuts, what are they going to do in congress. martha: big question. bill: election, seven weeks away. we're watching all of that for you, off 30 points now. it is early on the big board martha: let me ask you this. when you have kids you have
9:53 am
to teach them how to handle it when things don't quite go their way which happens to all of us sometimes, but how do you explain to a six-year-old girl that she's been booted from her cheerleading squad all because her parents thought that one of the cheers was just a little too riske for the pre-tween set? sharon asher of detroit has this story for us. >> reporter: it's the cheer heard in and around madison heights. >> it says my booty shakes from left to right. >> a cheer jennifer tesh thought was too suggestive for her six-year-old kennedy to chant. >> flabbergasted i guess. 1t. doesn't make any sense, to say a six-year-old should be saying those words is inappropriate. >> she expressed her feelings to the general manager, the coach, and the board, who claimed the cheer had been around for years and the squad had no intentions of squashing it. tesh claims they disapproved so much on tuesday night the
9:54 am
board that runs the wolvernies kicked her daughter off the team. >> they said it would be better for everybody involved. it's not better for everybody involved. she's going to be devastated. >> it's a cheer that's gone from the practice field to the radio waves. the coach defend her position. >> i am directly quoteing this lunatic, she said i don't mind the booty shake sog much but it's the backache and the skirt being too tight i don't understand. >> we tried to talk to the name calling coach, but we were confronted by very unhappy pair stkpwhraoepbts we're looking for lisa ernest, the coach, is she here. >> no. >> we're trying to get the other side of a story. >> have no comment. >> unhappy with attention from the media and a mother who they believe took her complaint too far. >> what it really comes down to is what one person wants against what everybody else wants. >> do you have a problem with your daughter using those words?
9:55 am
>> no, i do not. that cheer has been around for god knows how long. >> why kick her off the team? >> because her mother don't agree with what's going on. why can't she go to another team? that doesn't maybe have that cheer on their team? >> martha: whoa! the teshs telling fox news they were told they'd get a refund for the $125 uniform and kennedy would be allowed to try out again next year, but they won't be holding their breath. that cheer has been around for a long time, but the hips shaking left to right, that's inappropriate. bill: the president is talking to the export council meeting. wendt el goler, and folks at the white house, says he wants to double exports over the coming years and you can catch this speech online, and it's streaming live if you want to check it out now. also there's a showdown between the white house and a growing number ofon the senate side and house side over who does and who does not get a tax break. is the latest arrive
9:56 am
complicating matters for democrats ahead of november? we'll examine that for you from the hill in minutes. martha. martha: a whole lot of folks to get to know in this election season, first, scott brown and another republican from massachusetts is hoping to take the place from a long serving massachusetts democrat. >> if you send jeff perry to washington, you'll be sending a vote to repeal obamacare! martha: that man's name is jeff perry, making it no secret on what he plans to do when he gets to capitol hill. he's going to join us in "america's newsroom" and tell us what else he has in mind, when we come back. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
9:57 am
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hi. wwhere we build eachit all stof our customers a better banking experience. hey, let's talk small business. there is some very sophisticated stuff in here. we have everything from business checking, to loans for expansion. there's even a regions cashcor analysis. but one of the best things is the personalized advice you'll get from a regions business expert. hey, mary. hi, mike. thanks. she really understands business. is your small business ready for something better? switch to regions. martha: more democrats jumping on the bush tax cuts bandwagon, at least 31 democratic lawmakers are bucking their own leadership including their president. and siding with their republican counterparts in the issue, they are in favor of extending those
10:00 am
cuts, for everyone. not just folks making less than $250,000 a year, this is the battle of theday, folks. and that is how we start a new hour of "america's newsroom," good morning, again i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning, martha. martha: good morning, bill. bill: whole new hour. martha: here we go! bill: some say this democrats are concerned about making enemies, in november which is coming up quickly and what better way to keep voters happy than with a tax cut, more of their own money and for many in congress will they make a move before the election, and there is not a bigger story, than the economy, right now, that comes to today, is it, martha. martha: julie kirtz joins us live at the white house, and president obama sending a shot across the g.o.p. bow on this tax cuts issue yesterday and tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, hammering home the message, or the message that republicans in his view are blocking tax cuts, for the middle clar dle class a blocking the plan to give tax cuts to small business owners
10:01 am
and praising the two republicans who voted with democrats, yesterday, on the president's small business tax plan, here's the president yesterday from the white house, on that. >> president barack obama: i understand there is an election coming up, but the american people didn't send us here to just think about our jobs, they sent us here to think about theirs. they sent us here to think about their lives. and their children's lives. and, to be responsible and to be serious about the challenges we face as a nation. >> reporter: we're also looking at a memo, the white house is circulating among democratic candidates, some ammunition, if you will, as they are out there talking to the people, a memo by democratic pollsters, saying, hey, they can argue that the obama plan actually is getting more and more popular with the american public, according to their polls, anyway, and, a couple of other points in the memo, that this is a good way for democratic candidates to
10:02 am
contrast themselves with the g.o.p., and, it allows democrats to address -- and i'm reading here, voters overlapping economic concerns and protect against the loss of independent voters. so, that is -- those are the kinds of talking points, the white house and the democratic party are giving democrats, out there. in this tough economy. martha: indeed, very interesting, jewel. martha: thank you so much. julie kirtz at the white house. bill: a "fox news alert," listen up carefully here, brand new numbers, troubling numbers, too, about the housing situation in america. banks and lenders, repossessed more homes last month than in any month since the start of the mortgage crisis, three years ago. weren't we supposed to be past this, eric bolling, angchor of money rocks, aren't we supposed to be past this. >> what appears to be going on is we are still in a recession, though all of the white house economists will tell you we came out of recession, maybe,
10:03 am
technically we did and i'll tell you, it doesn't feel like it, especially when things are going on, in the housing market like this. and prices are down and let's stay on the foreclosure number, right here, 95,350 homes were foreclosed on in the most recent month, august, and, that is 3% more than july, and, 25% more than august, a year ago, and, unfortunately, the people who tracked these things expect another million homes, to be foreclosed, before the mess ends, this year. and who knows what will happen next year. >> mortgage rates are at record lows and we have never seen them this low, why wouldn't people be enticed to go out and take advantage of what appear to be a great deal. >> great question, mortgage rates are at record lows on a p -- 30 year fix and all time lows on the 15 year fixed and adjustable, et cetera, et cetera, here's why, bill, people are not sure. buying a home is a big-ticket item and you aren't sure of
10:04 am
taxes or job, and you see your neighbor losing his job, 14.7 million people out of work and 26 million employed and you are not ready to make the home purchase and prices are going down and, and this is a perfect time to be buying, but they are scared to death, the fear in america is unbelievable. bill: the fear is still out there. and you can sense that. and that is giving them hesitation. >> here's why, bill, when foreclosures are up, and inventories are up, and prices are down, and people still are not buying homes, that is an indication of fear, and fear of the economy and fear of the job market. bill: crossing right now, rates on 30-year mortgages remain near the lowest levels in decades. >> lows on the 30-year fixed at the lows, new lows on the 15 year. bill: point here or there, still, right around the level we have not seen. in our life times and eric, good to be with you, last night on money rocks, by the way. >> that was awesome, a fantastic show. bill: check you out later tonight, on fbn, fox business
10:05 am
network, eric bolling, you guy, and your guy on gold, too, good luck getting out of the building. >> my pocket! martha: a major wall street critic will reportedly be leaving a key part of the nation's financial overhaul, president obama planning to appointed harvard law professor elizabeth warren, to a treasury department advisory post. now, this would skirt the senate confirmation process for warren, would have been a tough one, analysts say, given the strong opposition that she faces from republicans, and from democrats as well. and, if she gets the job she'll help to run the brand new invention of the consumer protection bureau, which will make rules on mortgages and credit cards and is supposed to help prevent the debacle we saw happen in the mortgage crisis a few years back. bill: outside, right now, keeping our eyes on three powerful storms, it is that season, looking from west to east, and tropical storm karl rove -- tropical storm karl, joke, making landfall in mexico, expected to strengthen, again, raising concerns along the
10:06 am
western gulf coast and further to the east, hurricane igor and you have -- the strongest hurricane of the season, we might be hearing more about that one, watch it. and, right now, category-4, moving dangerously close to bermuda. lastly, hurricane julia, the storm weakening to a category-2. expected to stay well away from land, and julia has time to strengthen, look at that, igor is a beautiful thing, so long as it is a fish storm. martha: a long way to go before it -- yeah. before it gets to bermuda. hopefully it will calm down. will the public be allowed to witness the fort hood massacre trial? that is the question now, coming from a texas courtroom, there's a hearing underway, in the case, against major nadal hasan, accused of -- on the horrible day, of killing 13 people, in a shooting rampage at the base last year and the judge deciding whether or not he's going to allow the media inside and all of those who survived the attack will testify, many of them, against the alleged killer and
10:07 am
the defense attorneys say it will jeopardize his right to a fair trial and that is an issue, whether or not we'll be able to witness major hasan's trial. bill: also, new, comments oversea, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad on the fate of the two american hikers, still in jail in iran. the third sarah shourd was set free earlier this week and mahmoud ahmadinejad supposedly, stepping into help secure her release and as for the others he says he will not intervene. listen carefully: >> i think we should let the judge and the court decide about the case. and i think this is the greatest help to all of them. bill: the american families back home, they want them home now, and this is sarah, shown yesterday and the interview comes a week before the iranian leader is set to attend the u.n. general assembly. martha: and have him bring them with him, those two young men and we'll see if he changes his tune about that. the middle east, israel rejecting a proposal to extend the west bank settlement
10:08 am
building freeze, hillary clinton meeting with palestinian president mahmoud ahmadinejad today, palestinians are threatening to pull out of those peace talks, if new construction of jewish settlements starts in the west bank, a 10 month moratorium ends in a couple of weeks, egypt's president saying he suggested a three-month extension, but that israel said no to that plan. bill: in a moment we'll get back to the issue of health care, the former governor of new york, george pataki is on a crusade and says, don't repeal all of obama care, only certain parts and will be here to explain that. also, the republican party looking for major gains in both houses of congress, come november, but will the tea party be the republicans' achilles heel? we asked karl rove about this 30 minutes ago, and, one of the leaders of the tea party movement will respond here in minutes, live. martha: and luke's father, darth vader did not get the memo, the robber has to have a mask on before walking in for a heist. we'll show you what the guy --
10:09 am
next, my goodness. bill: not smart criminals. martha: no... bill: if they were smart they wouldn't be criminals. she went from cartoonist to the top of the terrorist hit list and nolle norris is going ghost. what that means, in a live report and what she is all about, still to come.
10:10 am
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bill: into hq, the republican party is ditching the nominee for governor in the state of colorado, dan mace and party leaders say he ran an unprofessional campaign after revelations, he misrepresented how he left a kansas police department, and racked up record campaign fines and called denver's bike swap program a u.n. plot. no more party backing but he remains on the ballot in november, colorado.
10:13 am
martha: moments ago, karl rove weighed in on the interparty controversy surrounding tea party backed candidate christine o'donnell and members of the g.o.p. and here's advice karl rove had, for what christine o'donnell needs to do, he believes, to be a player in the selection. >> in the seven weeks remaining, make a passional, articulate and credible and aggressive case why obama is bad on spending deficits and debt and health care and she needs to also be able to answer these questions about her personal background and explain how she got behind in her taxes and mortgage and why she didn't take care of the college bill and, being frank and honest. martha: she has the backing of tea party groups, backing sarah palin as well and freedom works, a national grassroots organization linked to the tea party has not yet officially endorsed her, and is now saying they'll show love toward the o'donnell campaign, here to tell us what that means is the president and ceo of freedom works and also the co-author of "give us liberty, a tea party
10:14 am
manifesto", matt, welcome, good to have you here today. what do you think of karl rove's advice for her. >> it sounds like solid advice and she has an opportunity to step forward and define the election in delaware, based on the core fiscal issues that animate not just the tea party activists but the center of the american electorate, the independents in delaware are also worried about wall street bailouts and also worried about spending money, that we don't have, and don't like it -- government-run health care takeover and she could prove herself to those voters. bill: let me ask you, earlier this week, we talked about the o'donnell campaign, and, back then, your group, freedom works, a very influential group in the whole discussion, said they -- you guys were staying out of it and were not going to endorse christine o'donnell and wanted to stay neutral, however, said at the same time you thought she was a weak candidate and couldn't win? >> well, it is a new game now and you have to understand, this is a lesson for the republican
10:15 am
establishment. the lesson in delaware, is if you offer up unacceptable establishment republican candidates, guys that vote for massive taxes on energy, regressive -- >> mike castle you are talking about. >> cap-and-trade, mike castle, if you vote for wall street bailouts you are unacceptable to the fiscal conservatives defining the election and it was a tough choice and we made our judgment call and now it is in your ballgame and o'donnell has been surprising a lot of people and she could step onto the stand but she has to do that. bill: why were you reluctant to endorse, in the first place and now still not saying you will endorse as far as i'm hearing you, is that right? >> i'm willing to endorse, if i these adom mrichlts from christine o'donnell, we are competitive, and in wisconsin, washington, california, there are a lot of opportunities all
10:16 am
over the country and we only have so many resources but i think you have to appreciate just how the tea party movement has redefined the election, and, the republican establishment needs to come over and embrace these ideas. they are sort of pushing the folks off, and this is the way we're going to take america back. bill: this is where i want to kind of drill down, a little bit. about, who the establishment is and, who the tea party is, and i hear what you are saying in terms of looking at this, how people vote and mike castle and so forth and why he struggles, mightily and he lost in delaware and you talk about karl rove, as he pointed out, moments ago, has worked to raise $15 million for tea party candidates including sharron angle, and, showed support for rubio and how do you decide, if someone doesn't like one candidate based on ethics concerns they have is that person outside of the tent, suddenly? >> no, i don't think so. i think that is a legitimate question, and i think christine o'donnell has to answer those questionses.
10:17 am
-- questions. martha: so you would agree on that. >> i would agree. martha: tell me where we go from here with the races and how it stacks up. you know, who you are putting your support behind and where do you see the tea party and the establishment and how these groups get together, this is the headline in every newspaper and every media organization across the country, right now, the risk. >> it misses the point. the real story today is how many democrats have moved from safe seats into swing districts and opportunities in the house and senate, to pick up seats that we didn't think were even competitive. look at alan wests. in florida. and, again, look at the states that i just mentioned. there is an opportunity to pick up additional seats, beyond the top 50 targets in the house and the top ten targets in the senate. this is going to be a big ln time dramatic shift in political power in washington. and is being driven by these core values of the tea party movement. martha: do you see these two
10:18 am
sides that are being discussed as coming together and, you know, beneath the tents, because there is a lot going back and forth. you know, michelle malkin talked about how the old guard is dying and it doesn't exist any more and they need to get in step with the tea party. >> look at what has happened in all of these senate races. establishment republicans like charlie crist have been replaced with serious fiscal conservatives like marco rubio. so, up until this point, yes. we had to take on the republican establishment between now and november 2nd, we're going to be talking about political accountability for democrats, that voted for hostile takeover of health care, and voted for a trillion dollars in stimulus we didn't have, and, can't afford, and, all of this -- all of the debts, that is the issue going forward. martha: interesting to talk to you today. thank you very much for coming on. >> thank you. bill: luke, join the dark side, give me all your money, first. suburbs of detroit. guy walks into a convenience
10:19 am
store with a darth vader mask. a problem, she was caught in the act putting the mask on and at first put it on backwards. he's serious, and it actually got serious and he traded the sabre for a butcher knife. and, walks up to the counter and jumps at warp speed and, looking for a young man, 5'10", 180 pounds, might not be the brightest bulb on the circuit, folks. before he puts the mask on, caught on camera. martha: hello, camera, here i am, hold on, let me put on my mask. bill: stupid. martha: that's what happens, a ballot proposal pitting public safety advocates, she said, against supporters of gun rights. next why some folks think it is worth changing, their state constitution over this. bill: also, motorcycle rider taking police on a high speed chase, not smart. the dashboard cam, lands the officers, though, in hot water. and we'll play the videotape, that started it all.
10:20 am
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bill: "fox news alert" on the economy, right now, just into "america's newsroom," the poverty rate has jumped to 14.3%. in terms of relativity, that is the highest rate we have seen since 1994. coupled with the news 15 minutes ago about foreclosures in america, the highest last month we have seen since the economic decline began two-and-a-half years ago, it is a combination, a few headlines, that certainly are not looking the other way. hope to change that. just crossing the wires, right now. and the poverty rate, people are hurting in this country. don't need us to tell you that, right? martha: and detectives now where
10:24 am
three policemen are facing criminal charges accused of using excessive force after a high speed chase, squad cars, tailing a guy on a sport bike, through the streets of dallas, and when they caught up to him, he hopped off the bike, on the tape which is very dark and, very difficult to see, and apparently according to those who have taken a close look at it say he appears to surrender, at least two police officers are seen beating him with a baton, and check out what one of them said as the chase unfolded. >>... [bleeped]. martha: suffered bruising and blood clots and three officers were fired, suspend order placed on desk duty and the fbi started a civil rights investigation into the case. bill: reasffirming the right to bear arms, taking up a proposition to guarantee gun rights and critics scratch their heads saying the amendment is
10:25 am
unnecessary. why would that be, dug glass kennedy is live in new york, what is happening, douglas, good morning. >> reporter: the supreme court consistently ruled all americans, already have the right to bear arms. but to some in kansas that is not enough. >> we need to hang up our targets -- >> and, bearing arms is not just' right but an obligation. >> the shot... >> reporter: and it's not just for protection against criminals. it is believed americans must bear arms for protection against the government, he believes. give me the scenario, where we may have to fight our government with guns. >> we have to put limits on our government and that is what the constitution does for it. >> reporter: she heads the kansas state rifle association and runs this gun range outside of kansas city. and she's now supporting a ballot initiative here in kansas that would give residents here a
10:26 am
constitutional right to bear arms. some gun control advocates call th blatantly redoesn't tenant. >> they've determined the second amendment is applicable to states. >> reporter: he's from the brady campaign to prevent gun violence and says, he gets nervous when gun advocates talk about taking up arms against the government. >> when someone thinks that they on their own can decide the government is tyrannical and they can start a revolution or civil war, we are not following the processes or founders set up. >> reporter: the brady campaign says preparing for armed conflict it is you that is violating our constitution and bill of rights. >> well, we have a right to be able to defend ourselves from a rogue government. >> reporter: she wants to make sure the right is guaranteed, not only by the federal government, but, in kansas as well, that is it from here,
10:27 am
bill, back to you. bill: thank you, douglas kennedy with us today. nice to see him, here in new york, a short cut to american politics. download the new america's election headquarters iphone app on-line or at our website. our shopping at the app store, grab it now, on-line for you there. martha, what is coming up. martha: a million dollar ad campaign on repealing health care is about to hit tvs across the country, folks, and who it is taking aim at and why, former new york governor george pataki who helped put the ads out will join us and tell us about it here in "america's newsroom." bill: and the parking meter confrontation on videotape that prompted a man to resign. roll this: >> take that and shove it up your [bleeped]. >> i have this on video. >> i could give a damn less, you pennsylvania scooper wood chuck, i don't give a [bleeped] about the job, a guy like you should be [bleeped], see what that says? bill: the man kept going, and had a bad day... he's live today in "america's newsroom," to
10:28 am
explain his side of the story. martha: right. fair and balanced. >> i don't give a [bleeped] about the job, i guy like you, should be [bleeped], out of here, see what that says, if i was here... you don't know what the [bleeped] that means. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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10:32 am
and, kid rock set to take the stand today, in georgia, the singer expected to testify in a civil trial which stems from a fight, and there is the video in 2007, he's already pleaded guilty to a charge of simple battery. bill: all right, the ads hitting the airwaves, putting a bull's-eye on democrats up for re-election who voted for health care legislation, here is what they will look like. roll this. >> your congressman voted for obama care. government-run health care. a bad plan. government bureaucrats will benefit. seniors will get hurt. costs will go up, care will go down. bill: and revere america is behind the million dollar ad campaign and george pataki is the chairman of the group and is with me in the studio. good morning to you, you are targeting whom here. >> this one ill be run first against john hall, in the 19th congressional district, hudson
10:33 am
valley of new york state and voted down the line whatever the agenda of pelosi and reid imposed on the people of america and a district that overwhelmingly rejects big government and obamacare. bill: there's a dozen in total. >> looking to do a dozen districts around the country. >> what a lot of people may not understand from the campaign and what you are saying here today, you don't think everything about obama care is bad? >> well, the law is -- why it should be repealed, some of the regulatory provisions, to prevent insurance company abuses are good and should be in the -- >> which would you change. >> i'd change, first of all, lower the cost and one thing that the bill doesn't do is, increases health care costs, and they don't to junk lawsuits for protection, and, a new study came out, saying that should save about $45 billion a year, in health care costs. and, is not in the bill and i would not fine employers, i would not tax employers, it is just, a terrible law that needs to be -- bill: realistically, speaking, i
10:34 am
don't know what will happen in november, none of us know, we wait and watch. do they have the votes, to repeal -- >> president obama has a veto pen in his hands. >> virtually every democrat is running away from obamacare and wanted the american people to forgets they rammed it through, which is why we are running the ads and i think we will have bipartisan support for repeal, there is a provision requiring every single business to have 1099s, the tax forms, complicated, for anyone who they buy $600 and more, goods from, and, democrats overwhelmingly are saying we have to repeal that provision and didn't know it was in there and there's a lot -- >> you think, ultimately, some things could be changed. but, it is -- >> i think it can be, i think the bill can be repealed, because, it is the american people -- if the american people speak out, as we hope they will, the democrats will say, this is a bad law, and we will join and create a bipartisan effort to replace obama care, with a good
10:35 am
law. bill: and the ad starts tomorrow and in the meantime, we have a lot of questions, because you asked, bya, we have the question, roll this here now, and, what is the difference between being required to carry auto insurance, and, the requirement to carry health insurance, that is the mandate in the law. >> right. bill: that says you have to buy health insurance. >> or you will be fined. bill: what is the difference. >> if you want to buy -- drive a car, on a public street, in any state in this country, you are asking the government the right to do something, you don't have a right to go on a public highway and when you do go on a public road you can pose a risk to someone else, out there. so, clearly, the government has the right to stay that you should know how to drive and have insurance, if you do. and, the health care bill says if you don't want to do anything, if you want to sit home and not participate, we're going to fine you, because we are going to make you... bill: mandatory participation, if not voluntary as is the case when you choose to drive a car. >> when you choose to drive. bill: that is the crux of the argument.
10:36 am
that they are carrying on in the state of florida where the 20 states came together and said the mandate is not constitutional. >> yes, i think 21 attorney generals are suing, saying that is unconstitutional. and i think there are other provisions in the law that are unconstitutional as well, and we shouldn't rely on the court challenge, we have to elect people that will work with us to repeal it and that is what revere is looking to do. bill: you are heading up the organization and we'll see what kind of success you say and we'll watch closely which districts you choose to ran the ads, they'll be battlegrounds. >> they will be battlegrounds. bill: you have a question you want answereded, and twitter, @billhemmer. one line is all we need. governor, thanks, very much. martha: going into hiding in fear of backlash from the muslim world, a controversial cartoonist, now officially off the grid, fearing for her life, after launching the, quote, draw
10:37 am
mohammed day on facebook, and the cartoonist, dan, fears for her safety, getting death threats? >> reporter: well, that's right. initially, back in april it broke when she wrote the satire cartoon calling for people to draw mohammed and may 20 should be the day people should draw a caricature of mohammed. and, well, she quickly repealed that and she said she was joking, however she got on a hit list, that is the picture of molly norris, is the cash to annist from seattle and the news now is her editor came out yesterday at the seattle weekly and said that she has gone into hiding and has gone ghost and changed her name and moved, and, essentially wiped out her identity and her cartoon will no no longer appear in the seattle weekly and the editor compared the situation to like a cancer, saying, that essentially, you don't know what it will be that serious or if it will kill you or come back years later and, it all started with basically the
10:38 am
anwar al-awlaki, who put her on a hit list in july, calling for muslims to attack her. now, anwar al-awlaki is linked to the failed bombing plot in new york city, in times square, so, the fbi went to norris and said, you know, you should take it seriously, and, urged her to go into hiding. e. martha: all right, we were running the sound bite there. dan springer, thank you very much. it has been a huge firestorm that she created. with that depiction and now, she is, as you say, gone ghost, a really scary story for her and her family, i'm sure. thank you very much for the update. >> reporter: okay. bill: 21 minutes before the hour, an explosion in a moment, rocking a cheerleading competitions. sent nearly 50 people to the hospital, what in the world happened there? you will see the video play out. martha: plus, massachusetts congressional candidate
10:39 am
contestajeff perry has a warning for democrats, republicans, he says will take control of the house and when they do, the health care law is toast, according to him. we'll see how he plans to do that, he joins us live in moments. >> you send jeff perry to washington, i'll be part of a wave, sweeping across this country, that will result in 39 or more republicans elected, who will remove nancy pelosi from the speaker's chair. [cheers and applause] m, did you borrow my green shirt?
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>> i'm jon scott along with jenna lee, we'll see you in 18 minutes for happening now. >> a lot going on in the show, more americans lost their homes last month than any other time during our housing crisis. why is that and what should we do, if anything, really, to help fix the problem? a lot of good ideas ahead. >> a frightening read on foreclosures in america. a grisly discovery inside a tiger shark answers a mystery and vampire mania may be doing
10:43 am
something to your kids' brains and it is not necessarily good. coming up. ♪ bill: wants to show you the explosion at a cheerleading competition. watch the videotape behind the young students as they are performing. see the smoke? hear the bang? the explosion sent r50 people to the hospital in the philippines. and police say it was an accident, someone made homemade fireworks for the performance and the bottle filled with gunpowder ignited too early, sending shards of glass into the crowd, hitting that guy, right there. martha: well, only days since winning the republican primary, in massachusetts -- and massachusetts congressional candidate jeff perry has big plans for washington, declaring the g.o.p. will take back the government and repeal president obama's health care law, and that what is he plans to do, and have a look at the -- tip the margins he won by and beat out his opponents, joe malone tuesday night and next will have to defeat democrat bill keating in the general election, all for
10:44 am
the long-time, 7-term william delahunt seat in massachusetts, which goes from quincy to cape cod, good to have you here, jack, welcome. >> thanks for having me on. martha: you have been called the next scott brown. do you like that title? >> well, it surely fits for me, senator brown and i are friends and served in the massachusetts legislation together a number of years and his victory in january opened the door to people like myself in massachusetts and a lot of people around the country think massachusetts republicans don't have a chance and scott brown proved we do and my election success on primary night by the margin of victory we had shows it is a winnable seat in massachusetts. martha: we'll see what happens in november. talk to me about your very animated -- you are animated about repealing obama health care and how do you expect to paul that off. >> let me set the record straight. in 2006, when massachusetts passed their mandated health
10:45 am
care bill i was one of two legislators, two out of all the republicans and two out of all the democrats to say it isn't right for massachusetts and i did it before it was a national debate and is not right to turn our health care decisions over to the state government, to the federal government, i'm a free market kind of guy and when i entered the race i said i've done it already at the state level, voted against government takeover and health care, and i want to go down and replace nancy pelosi, as the next speaker and, so we're not funding the health care system until we can get to the next presidential election and hopefully we'll elect the president, who will sign a bill the congress will send them, which will repeal the federal health care bill, is unconstitutional and doesn't make sense and it is wrong in every way and will be a centerpiece of my campaign here in massachusetts. martha: so were against the massachusetts health care plan that was proposed -- put forward by then governor mitt romney. >> yes. one of two legislators and not because we don't want people to have health care, it didn't do anything on the cost side of health care. it didn't do anything on for the
10:46 am
reform, and administrative burdens, reducing the standardized medical records, and we didn't do anything on allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines or allow small companies to purchase health insurance, as groups and i said, back then i would rather see free market solutions rather than having mandates and penalties, and so i stood up, myself and one other legislator, stood up and said we will not do this. i'll stake my ground on that and want to take the argument to the federal level. bill: seems like you have former governor mitt romney's backing anyway and that is good for you, jeff. talk to me about how you see the tea party versus the establishment g.o.p. battle. what do you think about that? >> i certainly have seen it in the news and other states but we don't have that here, i have the tea party support in my race and as you said, i have mitt romney and scott brown's support and the r.n.c. and members from massachusetts supported and we don't see the friction here and what we see here, people are really upset and angry about the overspending in washington, and angry about the health care being taken over by the federal government and angry that
10:47 am
nothing is being done on illegal immigration, and angry that we're about to pass on a $14 trillion national debt to future generations and in massachusetts, at least in my district, the traditional republican folks and the tea party folks are on the same page and are behind us and -- >> all right, jeff, i have to apologize. before when i said you were coming out i called you joe perry, but you don't mind being confused with the guitarist of aerosmith, do you. >> no, absolutely, as long as november 2nd they get it, perry for congress and, jeffperryforcongress.c, call me whatever you want, just vote for me in november, thank you very much, we'll be watching the race closely, and we have also asked jeff perry's opponents, bill keating, we hope he'll join us in "america's newsroom" as well and talk to him about his side of the race, interesting stuff happening in massachusetts and across the country. bill: it could be steve perry. martha: it could be! bill: hair is a little shorter. martha: i don't think anyone will confuse them on the
10:48 am
streets. bill: when you talked john boehner apparently talked about health care moments from the hill and we'll hear from him after the break and also, a couple crossed a meter man and got an ear full. and they went out and hired a lawyer. have you heard this. >> a guy like you should be [bleeped], i lost -- see what that says, volunteer. you don't even know what the [bleeped] that means. bill: that man in blue is a brave man, because he's not backing down and will explain his side of the story. a former volunteer... after the break.
10:49 am
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10:51 am
martha: a lot of republicans, we talked to jeff perry hope they can take on obama health care in
10:52 am
washington after november, let's listen to what john boehner said about that moments ago. here he is: >> i am committed to doing everything that i can do and our team can do to prevent obamacare from being implemented. i believe that this bill will ruin the best health care system in the world and, i believe that it will bankrupt our country. now when i say everything, i mean, everything. martha: this is the fight for the november elections, folks, that and the economy, and jobs so that is laid out by the minority leader, of the house, john boehner. interesting stuff. bill: a south florida couple catching a volunteer officer's tirade on camera. and, we wanted to know how you explain this: >> take that and shove it up your [bleeped]. >> i have it on video. >> i could give a damn less, you pennsylvania scooper wood chuck... bill: a scooper wood chuck, from
10:53 am
davie, florida, a volunteer parking enforcement officer seen on tape, now resigned, and barry, what happened down there? did you lose your cool? >> well, before i answer that question, i just would like to make this brief statement: one, i apologize to any of the animal lovers out there, my wife and i both are animal activists and anyone that loves wood chucks, you know, i apologize for using that word. bill: no offense taken for the wood chucks, did you lose your cool? were you having a bad day? what happened? barry? these people weren't happy with you. >> well, to tell you the truth, i'm not happy with them, either. watching all of the hoopla now, that is going on, and listening to them change their story, time after time after time. that should tell you something. but, basically what happened, out there, is the woman did not put money into the meter.
10:54 am
she was not near the meter. she was not in her car. i proceeded to write the ticket, and she according to police policy, i took a picture of the meter and took a picture of the license plate -- >> was she holding the camera at that time? >> no. her husband was not there. it was just her alone. i am the one that took the picture, and a police policy, that is -- >> and, your story is, later, the way i understand it, is that the husband came back with a video camera. and, started to ask you questions, because, he said that you were harassing his wife. were you? >> no, i was not harassing his wife. as a matter of fact, the young lady started to cry, i came back, maybe, 15 minutes later, because i have two -- i have a wife and two daughters, and, she -- seeing women cry is one thing
10:55 am
that you know, if anything is going to get to me, that is going to get to me. bill: listen, they've hired attorneys and are putting the city on notice. about the incident. and they've got the evidence on videotape. i don't know how it will end up, i know you said you lost your cool. i have asked you a couple of times to go ahead and explain that and it is okay if you don't want to, but what is the scoop of wood chuck? we heard the comment. what -- where did that come from, barry? >> well, actually, i can explain losing my cool, let me give it to you fast and then i'll explain that. i was -- before the gentleman started taping, he jumped out of his car, shoved the camera into my face, and when i tried to explain it, the situation to him, he told me he was from pennsylvania, he... new yorkers are all pieces of, and i'll use
10:56 am
the word blank and that way you don't have to bleep it out and that started the situation. bill: and then we got into the wood chuck deal, we reached out to try and figure out what happens now, and, to you, my friend i wish you the best of luck and our viewers would be surprised to know in 2009 you were the parking officer of the year. congratulations on that. i know you have resigned. and i know you liked your job. but, the behavior like that gets a lot of attention. barry, my best to you and your wife, okay? and we'll see where it ends up. barry shore... thank you for coming on, you are a brave man for sharing your side. thank you, barry. >> thank you for having me. bill: you betcha. martha: you know what i love about that, he's apologizing to the wood chucks because he compared the wood chucks to the man, he doesn't want them to be offended that he called the man a wood chuck, you know? a scooper wood chuck! that was very interesting. and sharks will take a bite out of just about anything at least once and wait until you hear
10:57 am
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